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About Us

Welcome to First Aid Counts

Leaders in First Aid and CPR Training

This is where heroes are made and we hope you join in on our life saving mission to equip all South Africans in First Aid and CPR skills.

First Aid Counts was established in 2012 with a long history of training before that but our actual inception and what we like to call "rebirth" came about in 2012. We have been in the training industry for well over 14 years and as expected we have learnt a few things along the way. Our company prides itself on our interactive, fun and educational classes without removing the seriousness of the topics we are covering. The aim is always to ensure that our students leave the class feeling prepared and confident to handle any emergency. We know from experience how daunting a first aid or CPR emergency can be and want to ensure that our classes cater not only from the skills development but also from the emotional aspect of dealing with these emergencies. We believe we are creating heroes who will one day have to use their skills to possibly save a life and for this reason we make it our mission to provide current, internationally and locally accredited courses.

Join us today and become apart of our #lifesavingentourage!

We’ve done many awesome jobs

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Our accreditation

We currently offer accredited courses from the following organisations:

  • Resuscitation Council of Southern Africa
  • American Heart Association
  • Department of Labour
  • MerSETA Courses offered